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About the Conference

International scientific and practical conference «Science, technology and information in libraries (Libway-2023)» will be held on March 20–22 in Park-hotel «Hvoya» (Berdsk, Novosibirsk region).

Conference languages: Russian and English.
Participation format: full - time. Country of participants - March 20 from 14:00. Departure - March 23 to 12:00.

We will discuss urgent problems, practices and research in the field of scientific communications and the organization of science, book culture and library and information activity.

Итоги конференции



Round tables,
panel discussions
and plenary sessions

World experience

Conference participants and
speakers from different countries

Recording of performances

Access to records
and presentations
after the conference

Cost of participation

place in a 2-seater issue for the period of the conference
16 860 ₽
The entire number for the period of the conference
22 800 ₽
The entire number for the period of the conference
38 280 ₽
*Hozzles are carried out on March 20 from 14:00.Departure - March 23 until 12:00
*Accommodation in a hotel park «Hvoya»
1 day of participation in conference
2000 ₽
2 days of participation in conference
4000 ₽
*March 20, the conduct of scientific measures is not provided for

Important dates



Acceptance of abstracts


Registration of participants and abstracts submission (200 words in Russian and in English)

Programme Committee

  • Chairman
    Anatoly Panteleevich
    Dr. East.Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the SB RAS, Chairman of the United Scientific Council of the SB RAS in the humanities
  • Conference coordinator
    Helen Borisovna
    Dr. ped.sciences, chief researcher, head.Department of Research and Methodological Work
  • Vasiliev
    Vadim Vitalievich
    Minister of Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk Region
  • Manuilova
    Irina Victorovna
    Deputy Governor of the Novosibirsk Region
  • Maksimova
    Natalia Vitalievna
    cand.Geol.-mineral.sciences, head of the department of the organization of scientific research
  • Molodin
    Vyacheslav Ivanovich
    Dr. East.sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, adviser to the director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography
  • Lamin
    Vladimir Alexandrovich
    Dr. East.Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Institute of History
  • Lizunova
    Irina Vladimirovna
    Dr. East.sciences, director
  • Markets
    Vadim Markovich
    Dr. East.sciences, director of the Institute of History SB Ras
  • Svorchkov
    Sergey Robertovich
    Dr. Fiz.-Mat.sciences, deputy chairman of SB RAS
  • Sukrokukov
    Raisa Nicandroving
    Director of the Republican Scientific and Technical Library of the Republic of Belarus
  • Treskova
    Polina Prokopyevna
    cand.ped.sciences, chairman of the section of special scientific, scientific, technical and technical libraries of the RBA, director
  • Shraberg
    Jacob Leonidovich
    Dr. Technsciences, supervisor
  • Aliyev
    Mammal Arif Ogly
    Dr. Philol.sciences, General Director of the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
  • Applater
    Shodmuhammad Mentioned
    Director of the Central Scientific Library.Indira Gandhi Nan Tajikistan

    Organising Committee

    • Chairman
      Irina Vladimirovna
      Dr. East.sciences, director
    • Ananic
      Marina Ivanovna
      Assistant Governor of the Novosibirsk Region
    • Alshevskaya
      Olga Nikolaevna
      cand.East.sciences, head.Laboratory of Book Science
    • Bazhenov
      Sergey Romanovich
      cand.sciences, head.
    • Bazhenov
      Igor Sergeyevich
      Head.Department of Computer and Multiple Technology
    • Baryaeva
      Eugene Vladimirovna
    • Borodikhin
      Andrey yurevich
      cand.Filol.Sciences, leading researcher, head.Department of rare books and manuscripts
    • Busygina
      Tatyana Vladimirovna
      cand.Biol.Sciences, leading researcher, head.department of scientific bibliography
    • Vasilenok
      Irina Anatolievna
      Head of the planning and economic department
    • Veselov
      Anton Igorevich
      deputy.Public Relations Director
    • Guzenok
      Irina Valerievna, head.department of continuous vocational education
    • Dementyeva
      Tatyana Anatolievna
      Head.editorial and publishing department
    • Kozlov
      Sergey Vasilevich
      cand.East.sciences, senior researcher, deputy.Director for scientific work
    • Kostenko
      Resale and els Shamilievna
      Chief Accountant
    • Mahotina
      Natalia Vitalievna
      cand.ped.sciences, researcher, deputy.library work
    • Melnikova
      Tatyana Nikolaevna
      cand.ped.sciences, researcher SIBNSHB - branch SPStl SB RAS
    • Lavryk
      Olga Lvovna
      Dr. ped.sciences, professor, chief researcher, head.Laboratory of Information and System Analysis
    • Maksimova
      Svetlana Alekseevna
      Head of the personnel department
    • Metele
      Julia Victorovna
      Head.Department of Mass Information
    • Mironova
      Olga Vladimirovna
      Legal service, contract manager
    • Novikova
      Natalia Vasilevna
      Head.Technology and innovation support department
    • Pleshakova
      Maria Alexandrovna
      cand.ped.sciences, senior researcher at the laboratory of information and system analysis
    • Suspicion
      Vasiliy Vyacheslavovich
      cand.Filol.sciences, researcher at the department of rare books and manuscripts
    • Pshenichnaia
      Eugene Vladimirovna
      assistant director for international issues
    • Rafeeva
      Marina Sergeevna
      deputy.Director of the Republican Scientific and Technical Library of the Republic of Belarus
    • Redkin
      Natalia Stepanovna
      Dr. ped.
    • Knock
      Anna Alexandrovna
      cand.ped.sciences, senior researcher at the Department of Scientific Research of Open Science
    • Tarasov
      Svetlana Antoovna
      Director of the Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library
    • Khripunov
      Igor Gennadievich
      Associate Professor Novosibirsk State Technical University
    • Stitching
      Tatyana Alekseevna
    • Yudin
      Inna Gennadievna
      cand.ped.Sciences, leading researcher, head.Laboratory for the development of electronic resources
    • Zaitsev
      Sergey Vsevolodovich
      Advisor to scientific and technical development


      • Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

        The largest integrator and the main expert of research, scientific, educational, and production organizations of the East of Russia
      • SPSTL SB RAS

        State Public Scientific Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPSTL SB RAS) - The largest library in Russia beyond the Urals, the state universal depository of Siberia, an information center of federal significance
      • Institute of History of the SB RAS

        The Institute of the History of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the largest research center for the study of Russian history
      • RNTB (Republic of Belarus)

        The only library in Belarus with the most complete funds of patent, catalogs and scientific and technical literature


      • Marat Rakhmatullaev
        Professor, Tashkent University of Information Technology.Muhammad al Khorezmi
      • Nguen tiches Kim summer
        Deputy Dean, Faculty of Library and Information Sciences University of Social and Humanities National University of Vietnam
      • Shodmuhammad Syfizoda
        Professor, Director of the Central Scientific Library.Indira Gandhi of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan
      • Ammar Saad Aldin
        Lecturer at the University of Damascus
        Damascus, Syria
      • Irina Izikova
        Professor, head of the department of general literary criticism, publishing and editing, Tomsk State University
        Tomsk, Russia
      • Anna Zhiteneva
        Deputy Dean of the faculty of space research, Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov
        Russia, Yekaterinburg
      • Nina Barkovskaya
        Doctor of Philology, Professor, Ural State Pedagogical Institute
      • Yuri Black
        Head of the Center for the Study of Informatics Problems INION RAS
        Moscow, Russia
      • Aiza Neustroeva
        Leading researcher at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
        Yakutsk, Russia
      • Hussam Fakhuri
        Associate Professor, Department of Science of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Information Technology
      • Parthacrims Mushopphya
        Professor, Faculty of Library Information Sciences University of Kalyan


        • March 21
        • March 22
          • Пленарное заседание
          • Секционные заседания
          • Дискуссии
          • Круглые столы

        Issues for discussion

        • Book and Document Heritage: Issues of Identification, Preservation and Study
        • Book Culture in Retrospective and Contemporary Issues
        • Science – Library – Society: New Facets for Interaction
        • Library in Science and Education Complex of Region
        • Technologies and Practices of Information and Library Services
        • Library in Open Science Infrastructure
        • Patent Information in Libraries
        • Local History in Digital Environment
        • Preservation and Retransmission of the Written and Oral Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Indigenous Peoples of Siberia and the Far East
        • Library and Information Education: Concepts and Development Technologies
        • Library and Social Library
        • Artificial Intelligence in Library

        Полезная информация

        • Contact information

          Programme Committee Coordinator
          Elena Borisovna Artemyeva

          д-р пед. наук, главный научный сотрудник, зав. ОНИМР, ГПНТБ СО РАН

          Phone:+7 383 373 06 16
          Пшеничная Евгения Владимировна

          помощник директора по международным связям, ГПНТБ СО РАН

          Phone:+7 913 377 90 76
        • Certificates

          Все докладчики и слушатели конференции получат сертификат участника.

        • The Conference proceedings

          in the scientific journal “Bibliosphere” or in the scientific-practical journal “Proceedings of SPSTL SB RAS” (RSCI)