Compilation of an electronic catalog of emigrant publications in Russian (on the example of the collection of the University of Hawaii)

Khisamutdinov Amir Aleksandrovich

head of department of research studies
Central Scientific Library of Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy Sciences

The report describes the idea of creating and posting free electronic illustrated catalogue and database of the Russian North-East Asian collection (Russian Northeast Asia Collection), University of Hawaii (Honolulu, USA). This collection of literature published in Russian language in the Asia-Pacific region (China, Japan, USA, South America, Australia, etc.), is one of the best in the world. In the catalog included comprehensive information about each copy, including abstract, a short biography and photo of the author, artist or persons involved in the work. Decrypted autographs and notes, includes information about publishers, there are bibliographic comments. Attention is drawn to the visual description, which is given in the form of scans (cover, table of contents, Preface, selected illustrations). The report proposes to discuss the terms "Russian book Diaspora" and "Russian book community."