SciAct CRIS-system – response to challenges of the pandemia

Alperin Boris L.

Leading Programmer
G. K. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis

Zibareva Inna Vladimirovna

Head of Information and Analytical Department
G. K. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis

Vediagin Aleksey A.

Deputy Director on scientific work
G. K. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis

CRIS-system SciAct – a response to the challenges of the pandemic Alperin, B. L., Zibareva I. V., A. A. Vedyagin Institute of catalysis im. G. K. Boreskov, SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia. E-mail: CRIS-system 1 SciAct provides storage, processing and use of metadata about scientific activity of the Boreskov Institute of catalysis SB RAS since its inception in 1958 [1,2]. The core of the system – standardized information on publications, theses, patents and other scientific documents affiliated with the Institute. Main tasks – current paperwork, administration and reporting, scientific analyst. In a pandemic, and remote work became especially relevant to the current proceedings. Earlier in SciAct was already implemented a number of services for the preparation and approval directly in the system documents such as expert opinions on scientific activities; competitive projects; applications for R & d contracts / NTU and technical tasks; announcements of competitions on replacement of posts. This report discusses the inclusion in SciAct a number of new services that take online, the following processes related to information processing: State assignment: submission of applications for participation in the project, formation of groups of performers and coordination of stages of work; Academic Council: voting and generation of meeting minutes; Postgraduate: submission of applications for admission, placing test scores, conduct and coordination of appraisals Dissertation Council: information support for the preparation of theses, development of protocols for submission to the WAC. 1 Current Research Information System. Bibliography 1. The certificate of state registration of computer programs № 2018665317 "SciАсt" published 04.12.2018 G., application 2018662712 from 01.11.2018 G. 2. Alperin, B. L., Vedyagin A. A., I. V. zibareva SciAct – analytical system Institute of catalysis SB RAS for monitoring and stimulation of scientific activity // proceedings of the SPSTL SB RAS. 2015. T. 9. P. 95-102.