Digital environment for Humanities scholars: to problem statement

Svetlichnaya Natalya Nikolaevna

Head of Digital Library Depatment
Tomsk State University Research Library

Esipova Valeriya Anatolevna

Tomsk State University Research Library

The report discusses the modern tools that enable researchers in the Humanities to carry out various types of works in the digital environment. Among them are a number of services, enabling researchers to work with historical sources online. For example: digital libraries, services samoubiytsy, a platform for interaction between researchers, a wide range of special tools for working with source text or source view, as an object of material culture. However, offers very few solutions that consolidate these functions or at least part of them. Therefore, there is a proposal to create a research platform that combines multi-functionality and convenience when working with digital resources. This proposal is currently being implemented on the basis of the NB TSU in the form of a platform "Rosebery". It is assumed that it functions in addition to storing documents, will be implemented integration of digital services to researchers (search, analytical, communication, instrument), affiliate networking and civil science (the participation of users-volunteers to edit content, etc.).