Speeches of Metropolitan Daniel

Zhurova Ludmila Ivanovna

Leading researcher
Institute of history, Siberian branch of RAS

ZHUROVA, L. I. doctor of Philology, leading researcher of the Institute of history of SB RAS. SPEECHES OF METROPOLITAN DANIEL OF THE BOOK CULTURE OF OLD BELIEVERS In the literary history of the most famous works of Metropolitan Daniil (1522-1539), was – "the Speeches" – allocated two directions development of the author's text. The first has to do with the book culture of the office of Metropolitan of Moscow, where he worked mainly scribes of the Iosifo-Volokolamsk monastery. There are only two lists of the XVI century: RSL. F. 173/I. Coll. HMM. No. 197. 30-ies of the XVI century and the NLR. F. I. 522. The end of the XVI century, the Second stage falls at the end of XVII – beginning of XVIII century, when the manuscript met Vygovskaya the scribes, who visited the Trinity-Sergius monastery for the purpose of collecting books for its book Fund. In this abode a list of 197 HMM, apparently, belonged to the former Metropolitan Joasaph (1539-1542 years). One of the students the Seeds Denisova (judging by the handwriting) made a copy of "Speeches" (GIM. Coll. Khludov. No. 87. Beginning of XVIII century), which marked the beginning of the reception of the arch of Daniel in the old believers ' environment (GIM. The Synodal SOBR. No. 985. The second quarter of XVIII century; of GIM. Coll. Uvarov. No. 730. The middle of the XVIII century). Another surge of interest in "Speeches" took place in XIX century In private collections of bibliophiles-believers there is a new list of the monument: the RSL. F. 209. Coll. Ovchinnikov. No. 141; the RSL. F. 98. Coll. Egorova. No. 970; RSL. F. 247. Coll. Rogozhskaya community. No. 98. The report presents the full results of the textual analysis of old believers ' list of "Speeches", a special attention is paid to the manuscripts of the XIX century, the analysis of which was not included in the publication (Daniel, Metropolitan of Moscow. Essays / a Study, preparation of texts, publishing of L. I. Zhurova. Moscow: Indrik. 848 S.). L. ZHUROVA. Philology doctor, the lead researcher in the History Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. METROPOLITAN DANIEL'S SOBORNIK IN THE OLD BELIEVERS' BOOK CULTURE. In the literary history of Metropolitan Daniel's (1522-1539) most well-known creation, Sobornik, there has been distinguished two directions of the development of the author's text. The first one is connected with the book culture of the Moscow Patriarchate''s chancellery, where there worked mostly from scribes Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery. Overall, we know only two copies from the 16th century: RSL. F. 173/I. Coll. MTA. No. 197. 1930s., 16th century; and F. I. NLR 522., end of 16th century. The second phase happens in the end of 17th – the beginning of 18th century when scribes of Vyg who came to the The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery to collect books for their collection became familiar whith the manuscript. In this cloister, the copy MTA 197 apparently belonged to the former metropolitan Joasaph (1539-1542). One of Semyon's Denisov'disciples (judging from the handwriting) made a copy of Sobornik (SHM, Chludov''s coll. No. 87. Beginning of 18th century) which began the reception of Daniel's corpus among old believers' (SHM, Synod coll. No. 985. Second quarter of the 18th century; SHM, Uvarov''s coll. No. 730. Middle of the 18th century). Another resurgence of interest in Sobornik occurred in the 19th century. In private collections of book lovers among old believers appeared new copies of the text: RSL. F. 209. Ovchinnikov''s coll. No. 141; RSL. F. 98. Yegorov''s coll. No. 970; RSL. F. 247. Rogozhskaya community''s coll. No. 98. The report contains the full results of textual analysis of the old believers' copies of Sobornik, special attention is paid to the 19th century's manuscripts, the analysis of which was not included into the edition (Daniel, the Metropolitan of Moscow. Works / Research, preparation of texts, publication produced by L. Zhurova. M.: Indrik. 848 p.)