The digital theatre library as a tool for library and information support of art schools

Evdokimova Larisa Vladimirovna

head of Department of scientific information
Russian state art library

Given current trends and needs in the digital information from the theatre of education, lack of opportunities of library and information support to libraries of art schools, a vector in the direction of distance education and requirements Gosov VPO, the RSAL specialists are working on creation of branch of the digital library for the theatrical issues. Creation of a Digital theatre library (CPH) allows you to pool resources at one site, to make the integrated information field - a single electronic platform, accessible to students, teachers and providing basic educational disciplines and courses in creative areas of study. For the formation of the CTB Foundation, the library carried out the analysis of curricula and disciplines of creative professions, lists of recommended literature to create a "core" Fund. As the core universities selected leading theatrical high schools of Russia: GITIS, LISI, School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. The library forms the Foundation of digital copies of printed documents from your Fund, electronic documents and electronic collections of other organizations (including on the basis of direct contracts with the owners of educational and methodical literature). The pilot project was the work on creation of electronic library card for students of the Department of stage costume School–Studio of MKHAT, testing, and testing which was held this spring. Plans RSAL transformation of CPH in the industry ABS for the art institutes with a specialized content, the target nature of use and focus on the modernization of the educational process.