Inscriptions on documents within CSL FEB RAS collections

Kopteva Julia

leading librarian
Central Scientific Library of Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy Sciences

In 2020 in the Central scientific library of Feb RAS are working on the identification, description and images of documents from the library Fund containing inscripti (inscriptions). In the course of work documents for a short time withdrawn from the Fund for photographic images and descriptions according to the guidelines, and then labeled for further study and return to the Fund, where available to the reader. Currently identified more than 200 inscripton, all of them partially or fully decoded. Inscripti made by famous Russian and Soviet scientists V. L. Komarov, N. I. Vavilov, V. K. Arsenyev, V. A. Obruchev, A. A. Inostrantsev, etc. common documents inscriptum in possessory collections generated from the personal libraries of scientists – A. N. Krishtofovich, A. A. Emelyanov, A. I. Kozlov, D. Pedashenko etc. especially valuable are the documents inscriptum the first Director of Central scientific library of Feb RAS A.V. Marakueva.