Professional development of library specialists of the Irkutsk region: Corporate University "Molchanovka"

Osipova Alexandrina Vitalievna

Head of sector Training center of the scientific-methodical Department
State budgetary institution of culture of the Irkutsk regional state universal scientific library. I. I. Molchanov-Sibirsky

The competence of the library staff are currently being considered as resources for strategic personnel management, aimed at creating a competitive and skilled team that contribute to long-term goals and implementation of the overall strategy of the library. The concept of "Corporate University "Molchanovka" was developed with the objective to modernize the continuing education of librarians of the Irkutsk region, to create a learning system that will allow everyone to build their own paradigm of professional development in order to improve the activity of the library in accordance with modern requirements. Our article presents the experience of modernization of system of continuous education through the implementation of the project "Corporate University "Molchanovka" (hereinafter – KUM). Discusses the relevance of the GODFATHER, the analysis of staffing of the municipal libraries of the Irkutsk region, peculiarities of the educational practices in GBUK JOHANB in assistance to the municipal libraries of the region, purpose, objectives and underlying mechanisms of educational activities of QOM. The priority development key requirements to the professional qualities of the expert: possession of basic professional library-bibliographic knowledge and skills (Hard skills); ability to use in professional activities soft skills (Soft skills = "skills of the future"); media literacy (Digital skills); the possession of knowledge and skills for the development and implementation of social and cultural projects and programmes; change in the psychological profile of the profession. The levels of educational programs of additional professional education and criteria of forming of contingent of students. The GODFATHER should be the creation of tiered modular-funded system of competences, allowing to provide timely and quality satisfaction of educational needs of professionals and the improvement of a specific area of library work in the context of regional needs in the sphere of librarianship of the Irkutsk region.