The creation of the Internet resource "the Literary map of Yamal "Khorey"

Aldybaeva Irina Vladimirovna

National library of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district

The modern stage of modernization of the library system is associated with active introduction in work of libraries information technology. This leads to radical changes in the information and library services. Today, all strive to obtain prompt and full information with not so many printed, how many electronic resources. It is intensely filled digital environment. Accordingly, we must become the facilitators of information flow to fully communicate in one language with visitors. We have created a new information portal – a literary map of Yamal "Ferrets". It allows you to access a nearly complete collection of the Yamal poets, writers, folklorists, ethnographers and literary critics. On the portal are collected the maximum amount of information about the literature of our region. Implementation of the project would not have been possible without the help of municipal libraries. Collecting, organizing, and editing information all this is done by the forces of a huge team of librarians, literary critics and editors of the Yamal Peninsula. To fit were selected according to certain criteria. Works published on the website with reviews, recommendations, literary critics and academics, with the consent of transfer of copyright on digitization and publication of periodicals. A convenient system of navigation and information retrieval. Also provides information about the creative associations that exist in the region, local winners of literary awards. Nearly one hundred and fifty authors, more than 7 thousand pieces. More than 14 thousand megabytes of information, about 5,800 books. The literary map is updated daily.