I. D. Yakushkin’s “Memoirs” publication history

Ekaterina Tumanik

senior researcher
Institute of history SB RAS

"Notes" of the Decembrist I. D. Yakushkin are not only a unique historical source, but also included in the Golden Fund of Russian memoirs, it is reading and consistently attracting the attention of readers for more than a century and a half. During this time, the memoirs Yakushkina withstood 14 editions (one facsimile), not counting the numerous inclusions of brief or extensive fragments of Notes in various anthologies, thematic literary and documentary editions of the twentieth century, which are about twenty. It is significant that in some cases "Notes" were published under one cover with the poetry and prose of the Decembrists – this fact speaks well for the artistic and literary merits of yakushkinskijj memoirs. The exact and full text of "memoirs" published by V. I. Gunpowder in the series "polar star" (1993) and today this edition is better. In the preparation of anthologies and quoting it is advisable to rely precisely on this edition, and a book of essays and letters I. D. Yakushkina, prepared by S. J. Straham and released in 1951 (series "Literary monuments"; the facsimile edition in 2007). In the publication of S. Y. Striga many inaccuracies, omissions and incorrect readings. The latest anthological tradition, a commendable interest is the publication "St. Petersburg the Decembrist" (2000), where the compiler of A. D. Margolis uses the text volumes of "the North star", resulting in yakushkinskijj memoir legacy becomes perfect, the accuracy of the characteristics and literary brilliance.