Professional skills development: needs and opportunities for libraries in the new reality

Saenko Zinaida Matveevna

Head of Department
The Novosibirsk state regional scientific library

The changing roles of public libraries in today's realities associated with the implementation of the national project "Culture" naturally leads to the necessity of changing the professional competencies of the library staff, designed to perform a wider professional tasks. Requirements for the library profession continue to change in a "digital economy". The specificity of the profession requires constant updating of professional competencies. A modern library needs to combine his professional activities relevant traditional knowledge and skills with new professional skills. A key role in the development of professional competencies of librarians today belongs to the system of additional professional education, which is characterized by the expansion of the market of providers of education to the rapid and widespread development of distance learning technologies, which creates new opportunities for improving the professional competence of librarians without geographical reference to the location of educational centers. A special role in the system of additional professional education libraries of the Novosibirsk region play training centers, established on the basis of the leading libraries of the region. Educational programs of such centers focused on the needs of the development of libraries in the region, and implemented, as a rule, at their request. Training center "SIBIRIKA" Novosibirsk state regional scientific library in 2018 carries out educational activity on additional professional training programs for librarians in the city of Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region. In this period the educational activity of the Training centre is fully transferred to the remote mode. Development of system of additional professional education in the field of library information activities of the Novosibirsk region should be aimed at continuous updating of professional and cross-professional competencies improvement competencies of librarians for work in advanced information and digital environment, enhance the competitiveness of the profession of library worker.