Books about Ermak in the library of G. K. Tyumentsev as a representant of the cultural identity of Siberian reader (on materials of Scientific library of TSU)

Gnyusova Irina Fedorovna

associate Professor

Library of the Siberian teacher and local historian G. K. Tyumentseva is one of the most valuable collections of the Scientific library of Tomsk state University. A unique part of the collection are 335 volumes of convolutes which are formed Tyumentsev under the title "Collections of articles on Siberia and the adjoining countries." They include books, articles from periodicals and other materials. The body of publications dedicated to the "conqueror of Siberia", "remove Yermak Timofeevich" (the title is almost redundant) gives an idea of the socio-cultural myth with which is connected the beginning of the history of Siberia. Collected by Tyumentseva books and articles about Ermak issued in the period from 1832 to 1897, mostly of the Metropolitan publishers. They are not organised thematically and are detected in different volumes. Publications include works of various genres, including the art (historical narrative, novel, tragedy) and nonfiction (historical essay, research paper, proceedings of the anniversary events). Stand two fictionalized biography. An important component of works is folklore. Most publications aimed at the mass of the educated reader. A permanent reprint of the biography of Ermak testifies to a demand of heroic story associated not only with grip but also with the cultivation of "rich and vast country called Siberia." This is particularly relevant for the Siberian story of the reader, shows that in General use in local publications, the expression "beginning with the exploits of Ermak". As part of the library G. K. Tyumentseva, books about actors is the key to the identity of the Siberian intelligentsia and representatives of the cultural identity of the inhabitants of Siberia.