In the footsteps of book collections: destinies of personal libraries of the pre-revolutionary Far East

Radishauskayte Natalya Vitautovna

chief librarian
Far Eastern State Research Library

The fate of the personal libraries are closely connected with the fate and the will of their creators. Personal library after the death of their owner is often fragmented: sold at auction or through second-hand shops, given away, transferred (or sold) to the public library or Museum (often, not entirely), or at least put in the trash. Even while living, the owner may wish to get rid of his collection and pass it partially or completely in any institution, to sell. Sometimes personal libraries are dying in fires or floods, to be confiscated by the state (as, for example, after the revolution in France and Russia) or stolen, being without proper supervision. Fate not all of the book collections can be traced, so the more valuable information is preserved.