Variability of information search and interlibrary services

Krasilnikova Irina Yuriyevna

senior researcher
State Public Scientific Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

I. J. Krasilnikova Novosibirsk, SPSTL SB RAS Variability of information search and interlibrary services Library users in the world who are engaged in intellectual activities, are always interested in the efficient collection of bibliographic data for the solution of tasks facing them. Some users expect discovery and delivery to be closely related, others give priority to immediate full-text access. In any case, this function services the interlibrary loan and document delivery (ill and DD) local, national and international level. The most important procedures for ill and DD are researched and retrieve information about documents in information retrieval systems (IRS). As revealed in SPSTL SB RAS (2020) analysis of publications and information from the web sites of large domestic and foreign information-library centers, there is a wide variety of functioning of IPS that are multi-faceted search of data on documents. Act global and local IPS universal and specialized content, which contain all types of documents on any media. The study of scientific articles allowed us to determine directions of research: the impact of indexation on obtaining a positive result in a subject search; identifying features of the search behavior of users; the way to search for articles from electronic journals; reflection monographs open access to directories; the value of integration of standardized communication between content providers, search providers, and libraries; enrichment of functionality of Recommender systems to improve user search; application of linked open data in the cataloguing and compilation of search queries; access to heterogeneous collections through a system of Web Scale Discovery. With the participation of IT specialists and library professionals of IPS constantly transformirovalsya depending on the technical possibilities and software products, tools and search task and experience of the users of certain conditions imposed by the resource owners. Meanwhile, users and staff, providing interlibrary loan services, count on functional, friendly, convenient, operational interface and application of variable search strategies meaningful information.