"The virtual space of the library: the trailer as a tool to enhance the reader's demand

Balashova Elena Vasilievna

Dean of the faculty of socio-cultural and information technology, associate Professor of library science and information technology
Altai state Institute of culture

E. V. Balashova Ph. D., associate Professor, Dean of the faculty of socio-cultural and information technologies of the Altai state Institute of culture The direction of the conference: "Scientific library in a changing communications environment". Topic: the Virtual space of the library: the trailer as a tool to enhance the reader's demand Abstracts The trailer is videocomposition composed of filmed episodes of the literary work. In the most General view the book trailer is a video advertising books. The trailer can solve several tasks: (1) draw attention to the book; (2) the audience; (3) the formation of a personal brand writer. Content and features creating book trailers cause ambiguous attitude of the authors: (1) this is a video presentation of the history, which should be shown the characters, location, conflict and intrigue; (2) the trailer may include an animation production based on the novel, the illustrations, the story of the author about his work, a scene in which the writer talks on the phone with a bookseller, or a detailed explanation of why this book is not possible to live a single day; (3) the trailer can retell the plot of a book or to imagine the intrigue, without revealing the content; (4) may include copyright statements, reading of fragments of a work to include images available in the edition; (5) the trailer may contain a retelling of the plot of the novel; dramatization of the beginning of the piece or its key point; the reaction of readers, or something completely original. The most successful book trailers take off to genre novels - thrillers, detectives, horror movies: they are by definition inherent action that can adequately translate in the video. Experts distinguish the following varieties of book trailers: By way of the visual embodiment of the text: fiction, documentary, animation. Content: narrative, atmospheric, conceptual. These classifications, however, is very conditional and not universal. Documentary trailer may contain elements of the animation; can be both "narrative" and "atmospheric". Offered the reader a roller can distort the book images, as ideas about the main characters and then sometimes it was described in the work events, the author of the book and the author of the trailer do not always coincide. A disadvantage of many book trailers, is that their story does not always reflect the uniqueness of the work; professionals note templates productions, wrong placement of accents; the recurrence of images; the substitution of the overall presentation of the genre is the presentation of a certain work. At the same time, the use of book trailers as a means of formation of demand, remains, according to experts, is quite relevant. Thus, the book trailers are a means of advertising mainly literature and implemented in different technology. Booktrailers acts as a form of promoting reading. The effectiveness of the trailer as a marketing and promotional tool neither on the Russian nor on the world market to be fully explored, the trailer needs study and analysis.