"A well-known publisher, unknown Bolshevik Ivan Pavlovich Ladyzhnikov".

Anisimov Alexey Olegovich

junior researcher

"A well-known publisher, unknown Bolshevik Ivan Pavlovich Ladyzhnikov". -- Publisher IP ladyzhnikov existed from 1905 to 1931, was the most time-consuming operation and the successful commercial enterprise of the Russian Berlin in the first third of the twentieth century because it had: 1) a large range of published authors and their works; 2) solid output; 3) a good yield; 4) noticeable scale of acquisition of a competing publishing firms. -- Based on the history of the Publishing house of I. P. Ladyzhnikova lay business idea and Alexander Parvus (Gelfand) and J. Marchlewski on the protection of copyright of famous Russian writers and writers abroad literary means the Berne Convention. The Bolshevik faction of the RSDLP copied this idea and adding a political component, implemented it according to its purposes and tasks, creating, in 1905, the Publisher IP ladyzhnikov. - History Publisher I. P. Ladyzhnikova throughout its activities has always been based on two major platforms: 1) publishing as a commercial enterprise was to be successful and profitable; 2) active illegal activities of the publishing house has always been an important component part of his existence both before and after 1917; 3) if before the revolution, commercial activity of the publisher has provided a substantial contribution in the illegal Bolshevik budget, after the revolution, developed the Association of publishers with the victorious Bolsheviks contributed to its commercial prosperity in the twenties. -- The key figure of the publishing house were Ivan Pavlovich Ladyzhnikov, leader of the Bolshevik underground not being a member of the party, initially associated with the revolutionary work under the cover of the book.