Библиотечная коммуникация в эпоху дигимодернизма

Эйнасто Ольга Владимировна

зав. отделом обслуживания читателей
Научная библиотека Тартуского университета

The movement from a modern to a postmodern/digimodern information society can be seen in many facets of the library. The library arena, where knowledge and ideas are documented, shared and preserved, is being transformed with unusual scale and impact. This transformation is characterised, in part, by the deconstruction of classifications and meta-narratives, diminishing hierarchy and control, and non-linear communication development. The aim of this report is to analyse the transformation of the library and librarian’s role using postmodern/digimodern approach. The report reveals the impact of digimodernism on the library theory and practice through the analysis of binary oppositions: chaos-order, copy-original, skills-knowledge, taxonomy-folksonomy, information expertise-user participation etc. These characteristics challenge and redefine how library specialists manage collections and services today and in the future.